Youth Sports

The E Street Community Center is focused on nurturing the potential of every child and teen.  Through the youth sports program, we want to help children improve their skills, make new friends, and be active with other kids while learning sportsmanship.  Activity helps the body grow; thinking advances the mind; and belief makes the spirit grow.

Our sports programs provide children with opportunities to learn specific sports skills in a supportive atmosphere.  Our sports programs are conducted with emphasis on the positive personal growth of the child.  We balance the development of physical skills with other important aspects of sports, such as leadership, teamwork and cooperation.  Above all, kids who participate in youth sports have a lot of fun!

Emphasis is placed on teamwork and good sportsmanship as participants learn the fundamentals of each sport from volunteer coaches who understand our Youth Sports Philosophy.  We build our Youth Sports Program according to our mission:

  1. Safety First: Our programs are designed to ensure the safety of children.
  2. Fair Play: Fair play is about more than playing by the rules, it is about respect for all involved.
  3. Positive Competition: Emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, team play, and building strong interpersonal relationships.
  4. Family Involvement: We encourage parents and caregivers to be actively and positively involved in their child’s sports program.
  5. Sport For All: Our sports are inclusive sports programs and are offered to all children regardless of gender, religious creed or ability.
  6. Sport For Fun: Our sports programs are designed to that kids have fun and develop a love for the game.

Taekwondo Class

Open to ages 5-12 years.


Coach Arturo Abuga-a, Jr.

Arturo has been teaching Taekwondo since January 2000.  He is affiliated with the Philippine Taekwondo Association, the Korean Taekwondo Association, the Idaho Taekwondo Association, and the US Taekwondo Association.



Monday and Wednesday




Member: $35/month

Non-member: $45/month